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May 11th

Open Keynote 1

10:00 am-10:40 am PST
Case Study: Center for Intelligent Buildings

Mead Rusert.jfif

Mead Rusert
President, Automated Logic Corporation (a Carrier company)

As technologies continue to advance and data becomes increasingly abundant and accessible, the world is recognizing the tremendous potential of smart buildings to support health, safety and sustainability. Now imagine what’s possible when a smart building continues to grow even smarter with each passing day. Carrier’s Center for Intelligent Buildings brings this idea to life. The 224,000-square-foot global headquarters is a proving ground for intelligent, integrated technologies, using data to continuously evolve and adapt in ways that improve experiences, efficiency and sustainability based on how the building is being used. The approach has yielded significant energy savings and helped the building earn both LEED® and WELL Platinum® certifications.

This course is approved for .5 General GBCI CE hour and .5 AIA LU/HSW.

Melanie Colburn_6387_Web 2 MB.jpg

Melanie Colburn
Director, U.S. Market Transformation & Development, USGBC

Challenge - s1

10:40 am-11:55 am PST
The Challenge of Smart Building Integration 

In this session, panelists will discuss the challenges of integrating new climate and other building technologies so that they speak to each other, work together, and are able to be managed by the building engineers through a single software platform. Smart technologies include energy and lighting controls, building management systems, dynamic glazing, air quality, occupancy sensors, security, and elevators. Challenges and solutions will be presented.

This course is approved for 1.5 General GBCI CE hour and 1.5 AIA LU/HSW.

Piers MacNaughton.jfif

Piers MacNaughton

Vice President of Health Strategy at View, Inc


Louis Osuna

Director of Tech Integration, Glumac

Eric Sande.jfif

Eric Sande

Vice President of Sales, Intertie Incorporated

Peter Rake.jfif

Peter Rake
Chief Product Owner, Switch Automation

Breakout session d1 s1

11:55 am-12:25 pm PST
Breakout Session

Shana Longo.jfif

Shana Longo
Corporate Strategist, Legrand, North America

This will be an engaging continuation of the conversation about the Challenge of Smart Building Integration. This will be part of the continuing education credit and will need to be attended for credit.

Ronnna Davis.jfif

Ronna Davis
Strategy & Tech, Enterprise Building & Campus, CommScope, Inc

Well Day 1

12:25 pm-12:35 pm PST:  Break

Hear USGBC announcements and updates, or just refill your coffee and tea!

Future - s2

12:35 pm-1:50 pm PST
Smart Building Operators: The Workforce of the Future

Melanie Danuser.jfif

Melanie Danuser

Director of Training and Education, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and Smart Buildings Center

Gregory King.jpg

Gregory King

Managing Director, TSK Energy Solutions LLC

Jake Pollack.jfif

Jake Pollack

Director, Strategic Energy Innovations

Anthony Bernheim.jpg

Anthony Bernheim
Healthy & Resilient Buildings Program Manager, San Francisco International Airport

Evolving technologies in integrated high-performance buildings require skilled personnel to operate increasingly complex buildings and are raising the bar on advanced skills needed to operate IoT-connected and optimized systems. As a result, owners are facing a workforce gap in highly skilled labor, while at the same time new opportunities for high-road jobs are emerging. In this session, we will explore workforce development challenges in the evolution of smart buildings and discuss opportunities to support high-road jobs for vulnerable communities.   

This course is approved for 1.5 General GBCI CE hour and 1.5 AIA LU/HSW.

Breakout session d1 s2

1:50 pm-2:20 pm PST
Breakout Session 

Maric Munn.jfif

Maric Munn
Principal, San Timoteo Energy Associates

This will be an engaging continuation of the conversation about the Workforce of the Future. This will be part of the continuing education credit and will need to be attended for credit.

Jenny Wiedower.jpg

Jenny Wiedower
Senior Manager, K12 Education, USGBC

Closing Keynote 1
Mary Ann Piette.jpg

Mary Ann Piette
Division Director: Building Technology & Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley Labs

This talk will discuss the state of the art in smart building controls, analytics, decarbonization, and grid integration. This will include a high-level introduction to energy savings opportunities, plus the need for system integration and interoperability. Decarbonization of buildings will require greater investment in energy efficiency, grid communications and response, electrification, and integration with distributed energy resources such as EVs, storage, and PV. Smart controls are a cornerstone of this technology. As we transition from conventional electricity to renewable energy supply systems we have a great need for flexible electricity demand. This presentation will cover the emerging technology for grid-interactive efficient buildings that can provide $200 Billion of value to utilities over the next decade. The talk will also cover the California Load Flexibility Research and Deployment Hub which is evaluating the ability of buildings to respond to continuous dynamic pricing and real-time greenhouse gas signals.

Keynote speaker Mary Ann Piette is a Senior Scientist and the Director of the Building Technology and Urban Systems (BTUS) Division in the Energy Technologies Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She oversees Berkeley Lab's building technology research activities for the U.S. Department of Energy which covers appliance standards, technology analysis and tools to accelerate deployment, new building technologies, modeling and analysis, commercial and residential building systems integration, grid-interactive communications, and integration with EVs, storage and PVs. Her most recent work is exploring how to accelerate decarbonization while ensuring equity and affordability. Mary Ann also leads the new California Load Flexibility Research and Deployment Hub (CalFlexHub) which will pioneer new technologies, and advanced communication and controls to enable buildings to receive automated dynamic pricing and GHG signals.

This course is approved for 1.5 General GBCI CE hour and 1.5 AIA LU/HSW.

2:20 pm-2:45 pm PST
Mary Ann Piette Keynote

Mia Brondum.jfif

Mia Brondum
Sales Director, WindowMaster Clearline Inc.

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