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Session Preview 

Today, we are excited to share with you a preview of the Smart Building Summit sessions. A conversation with attendees will follow each conversation. Full details coming soon.  


The Challenge of Smart Building Integration

In this session, panelists will discuss the challenges of integrating new climate and other building technologies so that they speak to each other, work together, and are able to be managed by the building engineers through a single software platform. Smart technologies include energy and lighting controls, building management systems, dynamic glazing, air quality, occupancy sensors, security, and elevators. Challenges and solutions will be presented.


Smart Building Operators: The Workforce of the Future

Evolving technologies in integrated high-performance buildings require skilled personnel to operate increasingly complex buildings and are raising the bar on advanced skills needed to operate IoT-connected and optimized systems. As a result, owners are facing a workforce gap in highly skilled labor, while at the same time new opportunities for high-road jobs are emerging. In this session, we will explore workforce development challenges in the evolution of smart buildings and discuss opportunities to support high-road jobs for vulnerable communities.   


Optimizing Smart Buildings and the Grid

In the future, smart buildings will not only manage their performance but also serve as flexible, clean energy resources to the electric grid. This panel discusses the technologies enabling that transformation as well as the challenges in integrating to legacy energy infrastructure.

AI and Machine Learning

State of the Art AI & Machine Learning in Buildings

AI and machine learning will become critical must-haves for all buildings in the future. This session will examine what will be necessary for best-in-class buildings and their operation. We will hear from early adopters and academic researchers expanding possibilities for buildings of today and tomorrow.

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