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2023 Keynote

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Engage with industry experts leading the optimization of integrated,
high-performance buildings

On October 26th and 27th, USGBC will host its second digital Smart Building Summit, bringing together diverse players for conversations around optimization, interoperability, and market transformation. Join us with other industry leaders for our 2023 event to explore opportunities to advance how smart buildings can support climate, health, equity, and resilience. More information on the program and registration is forthcoming.

If you have registered for the Smart Building Summit, you have access to the recordings. Just log into the platform. You will be given a verification code to your e-mail and text. Once you log in, click on “Schedule” in the top bar, choose “All Sessions”, Click on the one you would like to view again and there is a “Watch recording” button that will take you to the presentation.


2023 Schedule

Oct. 26, 1pm-1:40pm EST/10am-10:40am PST

Case Study: Riversouth in Austin - Opening Keynote

Explore the future of smart buildings through the RiverSouth project in Austin, Texas. This noteworthy project shows how enhancing tenant experiences and optimizing for a green building outcome can work hand in hand. Through real-time data analytics, a unified smart building interface, and tenants' eagerness to invest in smart technologies, RiverSouth sets a new standard for sustainable, efficient, and tenant-centric building operations. Discover how KODE Labs achieved impressive energy and water savings, earning the project LEED Gold and SmartScore Platinum certifications.

Oct. 26, 1:40pm-2:55pm EST/10:40am-11:55am PST

Creating Value with Smart Buildings

Explore the key drivers for smart buildings in terms of value for the key stakeholders and how they influence the decision-making processes in technology deployment and procurement. Guided by different perspectives from developers, owners, real estate financing, policy and research, we hope to explore the similarities and differences in how we define the values of smart buildings.

Oct 26, 2:55pm-3:25pm EST/11:55am-12:25pm PST

Breakout conversation

This is a chance to explore more on the topic, Creating Value with Smart Buildings. We will break into small groups for a deeper dive. This will be a continuation of the session and will need to be attended also to count for CE credit.

Oct. 26, 3:35pm-4:50pm EST/12:35pm-1:50pm PST

Navigating Smart Building Certifications for Sustainable Futures

Unveil the potential of sustainable and intelligent spaces by participating in our exclusive Smart Building Certifications session. Guided by industry experts at the forefront of innovation, this session will delve into the importance of certifications such as SmartScore, SPIRE, and BEST. Explore their potential impacts and gain cutting-edge insights that will empower you to navigate this swiftly evolving landscape, enabling the creation of connected, efficient, eco-friendly, and occupant-centric structures. Whether you're an architect, developer, facility manager, or simply intrigued by the future of smarter buildings, seize this opportunity to engage in a dynamic conversation that shapes the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Oct. 26, 4:50pm-5:20pm EST/1:50pm-2:20pm PST

Breakout conversation

This is a chance to explore more on the topic, Navigating Smart Building Certifications for Sustainable Futures. We will break into small groups for a deeper dive.

Oct. 26, 5:20pm-5:45pm EST/2:20pm-2:45pm PST

Fireside Chat with Clay Nesler and James Dice

Join us for a high-level discussion exploring smart building industry trends and evolving technologies with Clay Nesler, founder and CEO of the Nesler Group. Moderated by James Dice, this conversation will explore the history of building controls over the four decades of Clay's career and provide insight into the future of what smart buildings need to be capable of and how we can get them there.

Oct. 27, 1pm-1:40pm EST/10am-10:40am PST

Keynote: Making Existing Buildings Smarter

Ram Narayanamurthy, Deputy Director of the DOE Buildings Technology Office, manages a $100M+ RD&D portfolio of technologies for the built environment, covering all aspects and technologies connected to buildings, as well as the connection of buildings with transportation, energy generation, and the grid. In this keynote, he will explore how to overcome the challenges of compatibility and interoperability to make existing buildings smarter. In his 23-year career, Ram’s work has spanned product development, and deployment at scale, resulting in multiple new product launches, 27 patents, and the development of the first net zero homes and communities. Before DOE, he led the Buildings Program at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), where his team focused on technologies to overcome infrastructure and cost barriers to decarbonization retrofits.
Ram will be introduced by Mili Majumdar, SVP of Innovation & Research and Managing Director of GBCI India, who will share thoughts on USGBC’s expanded investment in Innovation & Research.

Oct. 27, 1:40pm-2:55pm EST/10:40am-11:55am PST

The Keys to Smart Building Control Architecture

Smart Building Architecture session will explore the framework for universally applicable smart building control platform architecture, including both technology applications and development methodologies. In this technical session, speakers will discuss overall approach to IT-OT interoperability, data capture, normalization and semantic tagging (such as Brickschema and Project Haystack). In addition, speakers will reflect on some of the key topics in the Smart Building market today, including cybersecurity, native-cloud applications and machine intelligence.

Oct. 27, 2:55pm-3:25pm EST/11:55am-12:25pm PST

Breakout conversation

This is a chance to explore more on the topic, The Keys to Smart Building Control Architecture. We will break into small groups for a deeper dive.

Oct. 27, 3:35pm-4:50pm EST/12:35pm-1:50pm PST

Building Resilience Powered by Microgrids

This session will move beyond the basics of microgrids and present the state of the art and current best practices for smart, grid responsive buildings. Beyond the basics of generation and storage, resiliency can include energy procurement, offsite options, and islanding during climate driven events such as wildfires and extreme heat waves. The result is clean, efficient buildings that make positive contributions to the grid, while also protecting their occupants. This session will insights about technology, deployment strategy, and finance.

Oct. 27, 4:50pm-5:20pm EST/1:50pm-2:20pm PST

Breakout conversation

This is a chance to explore more on the topic, Building Resilience Powered by Microgrids. We will break into small groups for a deeper dive.

Oct. 27, 5:20pm-5:45pm EST/2:20pm-2:45pm PST

Scaling Smart Solutions for America’s Aging Buildings - Closing Keynote

America's aging building stock needs a total retrofit. Heat pumps, solar panels, and energy-efficient water heaters are all mentioned as solutions to upgrading these old homes. But what are the common challenges in making this transition possible and how do we tackle them? Join BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird for this keynote talk on what BlocPower has seen working to make buildings smarter, greener, and healthier for residents.




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In 2022, we gathered over 300 participants from 34 U.S. States and 10 Countries. If your firm is interested in sponsoring the Summit in 2023, USGBC welcomes your support. Check out the details in our updated prospectus linked below.



Are there sponsorship opportunities?  

We welcome your support and partnership. Reach out to Melanie Colburn, USGBC Director of Innovation & Research ( or check out the prospectus.

Will this be in-person or virtual?  

The event will be fully virtual to make it available to a national audience. But don’t worry, we plan to have a host of engagement opportunities for our virtual participants.  

Who is on the advisory committee for the summit? 

The Smart Building Advisory Committee is responsible for steering and convening the conference on behalf of our industry peers. Our 2023 working group includes:

  • Melanie Danuser, Director of Education and Training at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council’s Smart Buildings Center

  • Timur Kupa, VP of Business Development & Industry Relations at Para by DAR

  • Hugh Lindsay, Global Solution Architect of Smart Buildings at Schneider Electric

  • Chris Pyke, Chief Innovation Officer at GRESB

  • Amy Shen, Digital Services Leader for Americas West at Arup

  • R. Max Shirley, Associate Principal and Intelligent Buildings Studio Director at Newcomb & Boyd

  • Brandon Tinianov, Government Affairs Consultant

  • Xiaohui 'Joe' Zhou, Director of Research and Innovation at Slipstream Group, Inc.

  • Melanie Colburn, Director of Innovation & Research at USGBC 


Will continuing education credits be available?

Yes, we will be offering GBCI and AIA continuing education hours for most sessions with a possible total of 8 CE's.

Will recordings of this event be available?

Yes, we will have a recording available for a limited time after the event for registrants.


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